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Heller Industries 1707MK5 Series Convection Reflow Soldering Oven

Our most popular convection reflow oven series, The Heller 1707 series supports high mix / medium volume throughput at speeds up to 24 inches (60 centimetres) per minute. Rapid response times and precise temperature controls guarantee process uniformity, regardless of component density or board loading, with identical profile performance in either air or nitrogen.

Equipped with innovative features, the Heller 1707 series offers low cost of ownership and has been specifically designed to boost productivity and reduce costs. 


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Heller 1707MK5


Dimensions   1707 Mark5

Overall Length

142" (3.6m)

# of Heat Zones


# of Cool Zones

1 Top (std.) Bottom Cool/External Cool optional

Max PCB Width



                    Electric Supply 1707 MK5 (Air) 1707 MK5 (Nitrogen)
Power Input (3 Phase) Standard
480 volts 480 volts
Breaker Size 100 amps @ 480v 100 amps @ 480v
kW 7 - 12 Continuous 7 - 12 Continuous
Typical Run Current 20 - 30 amps @ 480v 20 - 30 amps @ 480v
Optional Power Inputs Available 208/240/380/400/415/440/480 VAC 208/240/380/400/415/440/480 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Sequential Zone Turn On S S


Overall Oven Dimensions

142" (360cm) L x 60”(152cm) W x 63” (160cm) H

142" (360cm) L x 60”(152cm) W x 63” (160cm) H

Typical Net Weight  3417 lbs. (1550kg)  3637 lbs. (1650 kg)
Typical Shipping Weight  4034 lbs. (1830 kg)  4520 lbs. (2050 kg)
Typical Shipping Dimension  146” x 73” x 81”  370 x 185 x 205cm

 Computer Control

AMD or Intel Based Computer S S
Flat Screen Monitor w/Mount S S
Windows Operating System Windows 10Ò Home Windows 10Ò Home
Auto Start Software S S
Data Logging S S
Password Protection S S
LAN Networking O O

Inert Atmosphere

Minimum PPM Oxygen - 10-25 PPM*
Waterless Cooling w/ Flux Separation System - O
Nitrogen On/Off Valve - O
Oxygen Monitoring System - O
Nitrogen Standby System - O
Typical Nitrogen Consumption 500 - 700 SCFH **

Additional Features 

KIC Profiling Software S S
Signal Light Tower S S
Powered Hood Lift S S
Five (5)Thermocouple Profiling S S
Redundant Alarm Sensors O O
Intelligent Exhaust System O O
KIC Profiler / ECD Profiler O O
Center Board Support O O
Board Drop Sensor O O
Board Counter O O
Bar Code Reader O O
Custom Paint & Decal O O
Battery Backup for Conveyor and PC O O
GEM/SECS Interfacing O O

*May require additional hardware to achieve these levels ** Varies with PPM, PCB size and oven configuration

Mesh Belt Conveyor

Height From Floor 37.5" + 2.4" (95 cm + 6 cm) 37.5" + 2.4" (95 cm + 6 cm)
Maximum PCB Width 22" (56 cm) 22"  (56 cm)
Space Required Between PCB's 0.0" (0.0 cm) 0.0" (0.0 cm)
Conveyor Length On-Load 18" (46 cm) * 3" (7.5 cm) *
Conveyor Length Off-Load 18" (46 cm) * 3" (7.5 cm)  *
Heated Tunnel Length 75" (190 cm) 75"  (190 cm)
Process Clearance Above Mesh Belt 2.3" (5.8 cm) 2.3" (5.8 cm)
Mesh Belt Pitch 0.5" (1.27 cm) 0.5" (1.27 cm)
Maximum Conveyor Speed 74"/Min (188 cm/min.) 74"/Min (188 cm/min.)
Conveyor Direction Left to Right S S
Conveyor Direction Right to Left O O
Conveyor Speed Control Closed Loop Closed Loop

Edge Hold Conveyor System Option

Height from Floor – Standard 38.6" + 2.4" (98 cm + 6 cm) 38.6" + 2.4" (98 cm + 6 cm)
Height from Floor – Optional

35.4" + 2.4" (90 cm + 6 cm)

35.4" + 2.4" (90 cm + 6 cm)

Clearance Above & Below Conveyor Pins 1.15" (2.9 cm) 1.15" (2.9 cm)
Length of PCB Support Pins .187" (4.75 mm) .187" (4.75 mm)
3 mm long support pins O O
Minimum/Maximum Board Width

2" – 22" (5 – 56 cm) 24” (61cm) Optional**

2" - 22" (5 – 56 cm) 24” (61cm) Optional**

Power Width Adjustment S S
Computer Controlled Width Adjust O O
Auto Lubrication System S S

Forced Convection Zones

Top & Bottom 7 7
Heater Type Instant response open coil Instant response open coil
Heater Material Nichrome Nichrome
Profile Change Time 5 – 15 minutes 5 – 15 minutes

Temperature Control

Accuracy of Temperature Controller + .1°C + .1°C
Cross-Belt Temperature Tolerance + 2.0°C + 2.0°C
Heater Wattage Per Zone 5400 w*** 5400 w***
Temperature Range Standard 60-350°C 60-350°C
High Temperature Up to 450°C O O

Cooling Systems

Number of Cooling Zones Standard 1 1
Additional Cooling Zones 0 0
Water Cooling - 1

Notes: S = Standard, O = Optional.
* A 12" (30 cm) Conveyor extension is an available option ** Need some SPL design *** 380V heater wattage 4400 W Specifications continue on reverse.
A continuous program of product improvement may result in changes to specification and performance. The right is reserved to institute these improvements without notice or liability.
April 2018



Highest Yields and Tight Process Control

The most efficient heat transfer from extra high volume, high-velocity, heating modules, producing heater module response of less than one second to temperature changes of less than 0.1ºC, thereby maintaining profile integrity for heavy board loads.

Wide Process Window for "Universal Profiling"

Allows many different boards to be run on a single temperature profile.

Advanced 5 Thermocouple PCB Profiling and Process Parameter Logging Capability 

Capacity to store up to 500 temperature recipes and 500 profile graphs.

Mark3 pipe flux

New Flux System Eliminates Maintenance 

The new flux collection system traps the flux in a separate collection box with easy to remove plates. As a result, the oven tunnel is kept clean - thus saving time consuming P.M. A collection jar captures the flux and can be removed while the oven is running to boost productivity. 

Mark3 heater module

Enhanced Heater Modules 

Enhanced flow heater modules with 40% larger impellar, blanket the PCB with heat for the lowest delta Ts on the toughest boards! Additionally, the Uniform Gas Management system eliminates net flow which results in nitrogen consumption reductions of up to 40%.

Heller conveyor

Ultra-Parallel Conveyor System

Four lead screws ensure the tightest tolerances and parallelism - even on boards with 3mm clearance at the edges. 

Fastest Cooling Rates 

The new Blow Thru Cooling module provides cool rates of >3º C/sec - even on LGA 775! This rate meets even the most demanding lead-free profile requirements. 

Process Control 

Powered by ECD, the innovative software package provides three levels of process control from Oven CpK, to Process CpK and Product Traceability. The software ensures that all parameters are optimised and SPC reporting is fast and easy.

New Frame 

The new frame utilises twice the insulation to reduce heat loss and saving up to 40% on electricity costs!

Lead Free Certified

More Lead-free product has been run on Heller machines than any other! Heller pioneered the Lead-Free Reflow process by working closely with the Japanese OEM's and International ODM's and EMS's to refine the Lead Free process.

The Mark III system includes features that provide:

- "Spike Zone" design to minimize liquidous time.
- Ultra fast cooling rates of 3-5 Deg/Sec to form perfect grain structure.
- More heated zones than any other competitor to allow "Profile Sculpting".

Lowest Cost of Ownership

With Heller's Balanced Flow Heater Module (BFM) technology the cost of running nitrogen has been reduced by up to 50%! With LOW KW features, electrical consumption can be reduced by up to 40%!. Heller customers have experienced cost savings between $15,000 - $18,000 per year.