TWS 1320 Evo Convection Oven

The 1320 EVO convection oven is a full forced air convection oven complementing the whole range of our reflow systems. It is a four zones oven capable of soldering boards up to 400mm in width. A great variety of thermal profiles can be obtained (to fulfil even the most complex demands) due to their four heating zones and the digital adjustment of the conveyor speed.


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Heating & cooling zones

Four heating, one cooling

Conveyor type

Mesh belt

Conveyor width

400 mm

Conveyor speed

Min 100, max 500 mm/min

Maximum component height

28 mm

Maximum temperature

300°C zone 1, 2 & 3, 350°C zone 4

Max delta temp between zones


Power supply

230VAC or 400VAC

Power consumption

4kW average, 12kW maximum


3000 x 830 x 500 mm


290 kg


The air temperature is controlled by a microprocessor through K-type thermocouples placed in each zone, that keeps the temperature between tight limits. The cooling zone is optimised to lower the temperature to the required level without causing unwanted thermal shocks either to soldering joints or to components.


  • Telecommunications
  • Defence
  • Aerospace
  • Medical

Key Benefits & Features

  •  Lead free capable
  •  Four heating and 1 cooling zone
  •  Mesh belt conveyor
  •  Easy to use touch screen LCD control panel
  •  Forced convection
  •  Back up battery for conveyor in case of power failure
  •  Unique reflow inspection window
  •  Bench top or optional floor stand
  • Efficient low power consumption
  • Powerful and compact