An analytics tool that allows you to monitor your production lines

SMS Linechart displays information graphically as line, bar or pareto graphs with full drill down functionality. It displays a real timeline status information SMS Linechart has built in statistical tools. Users are able to drill down to specific details on each of the available functions; this is achieved using a simple select and click function provided in the chart area.

During the drill down process all of the previous charts will remain open and may be tiled to allow multiple pane viewing. SMS Linechart is part of the SMS Traceability Suite.




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What can you track with Linechart Analytics?

Component Wastage: Linechart Dashboard allows the user to gain maximum performance with minimum input. All data can be analysed and presented via a dollar amount. Each machine or line can be analysed quickly and independently.


Components per hour: All machines/lines can be monitored for best performance example, looking for machine downtimes and inefficiencies on the shopfloor. Reports can be generated showing where performance of machines can be improved.

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Panel count: Analytics can easily show what has been produced in the way of PCB'S, via hour/day/week/month with a quick and easy view.

Defects: Easily see false calls on AOI, SPI, X-ray and manual inspection stencil printers.


First pass yield: Monitoring and displaying the line process performance for scrap and bad boards, using a "what goes in against what comes out analysis."


OEE: This metric allows you to get an overall view of how well your production is running by combing productivity, efficiency and quality metrics into one chart. Analyse over time, by product, by day, or week.

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Analyse charts: Always stay in control using SPC Tools Analysis by machine and total line break down by hour, shift, day, product, week, etc set SPC limits analyse trends, add action notes add pictures and text to any chart or data type View Action Notes wherever the subject data exists.


Export Data: Simply open the windows you want, click on the create table function… Import into Excel, etc…


XML: Further customisation can be achieved using XML and style sheets. From any drill down any view can output to HTML diagrams, charts, pictures, and text, etc . Fully customised HTML charts will be displayed.



Linechart Analytics supports the following equipment

Yamaha AOI

Yamaha YSM series 

Yamaha S20 series

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Linechart Dashboard




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