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Software Solutions

Hawker Richardson is the Australian/New Zealand distributor for SMS International software and Yamaha Y.facT software solutions.

SMS International is a world leader in software development for surface mount electronic manufacturing applications. Specialising in producing Manufacturing Execution systems (MES) tools assembly processes and quality management are optimised with SMS software.

Yamaha Y.Fact Software -  Provides SMT line with better production efficiency and added functions for each package. 









P-Tool: Data Programming Package

Software YFacT PTool 1024x723

M-Tool: Line Monitoring Package

Software YFacT MTool 1024x648 2

S-Tool: Set Up Navigation Package

Software YFacT STool 1024x913 1 3png

T-Tool: Traceability Package

Software YFacT TTool 1024x392 4png


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