Aqueous Technologies Trident ZDO Automatic Deflushing System

The Aqueous Trident ZDO provides a completely automatic deflushing system from wash to rinse, including cleanliness monitoring, drying, and SPC, without the need to install drains, acquire permits or treat and manage wastewater.


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42 ¼”Dx 56”W x 70”H

Electrical Requirements:

208-240 VAC 3Ø 40 amps
400 VAC 3Ø 30 amps

Chemical Dosing and Mixing:

HydroBlend Automatic Dosing and Mixing System

Control System:

Windows PC Touchscreen User Interface

Advanced SPC Data Collection with SQL Database 

Advanced Multi-Query SPC Search Capabilities with Built-In Report Generator

Available Assembly Barcode Scanning

Built-In Programmable Cleanliness Verification Technology Allows Present Desired Cleanliness Levels

Zero Discharge Operation

Built-In Wash Solution Recycling and Re-Use System

Built-In Rinse Water Filtration, Re-Deionization, and Re-Use System


Welded Steel Tube Frame with Steel Panels


Baked Powder-Coat Hammer-Tone Finish

Plumbing Materials:

Stainless Steel

Fluid Delivery Technology:

20 Asymmetrically Placed 15° Stainless Steel Nozzles

Number of Process Chambers:

1 Standard (2 Optional) 


The system can be used with water only or defluxing chemistries. During operation, the cleaning bath is cleaned and recirculated. Cleaning chemistries are automatically dosed, mixed and reused. This can significantly increase the effective life of a cleaning chemistry and reduce consumable expenses. Additionally, all rinse water is filtered, de-ionized and recycled for zero-discharge operation—better for both the environment and your bottom line.

Trident ZDO removes all contamination and residues from post-reflow circuit assemblies. When assembly and flux residues are removed, assemblies are more reliable.


  • Electronics
  • PCB assembly
  • De-fluxing
  • Semiconductor

Key Features

  • Removes any flux from any alloy
  • Zero discharge rinse cycle
  • Automatic wash, rinse, and dry cycles
  • Recycle and reuse all process fluids
  • Steel plumbing

Key Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low operational cost
  • Small footprint