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Aqueous Technologies Trident Pallet Cleaning System

The Aqueous Trident is capable of securing and cleaning multiple pallets or fixtures. Thanks to extra tall adjustable tines welded to a stainless steel removable pallet rack, multiple pallets can be secured and cleaned at the one time.




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Dimensions (Low Discharge):

44.75"W x 44.25D x 70”H

Dimensions (Zero Discharge):

42.25” D x 56”W x 70”H

Electrical Requirements:

208-240 3Ø 40 amps

Chemical Dosing and Mixing:

Automatic 5% - 20% Concentrations

Control System:

Windows 7 PC User Interface Touchscreen

Advanced SPC Data Collection

Assembly Barcode Scanning Capability (barcode scanner optional)

Built-In Cleanliness Verification Technology:



Welded Steel Tube Frame with Steel Panels


Baked Powder-Coat Hammer-Tone Finish

Plumbing Materials:

Stainless Steel

Fluid Delivery Technology:

20 Asymmetrically Placed 15° Stainless Steel Nozzles

Number of Process Chambers:

1 Standard (2 Optional)


The Aqueous Trident pallet cleaning system provides fully automatic wash, rinse, cleanliness verification, and dry functions at the push of a button. Equipped with an asymmetrical fan-jet spray system, Trident's twin stainless steel jetting system projects precision-diffused wash solution and rinse water onto a shadow-mitigating oscillating pallet rack.

This spray system was engineered to deliver controlled fluid energy capable of removing baked-on fluxes common in pallet cleaning applications. Trident retains its ability to clean post-reflow circuit assemblies.


• Electronics
• PCB assembly
• De-fluxing
• Semiconductor

Key Features

• Removes Any Flux
• Equipped with Extra-Tall Tines for Multiple Pallet Support
• Heavy Duty Rack Reinforcement for Increased Weight Capability
• Automatic Wash, Rinse, and Dry Cycles
• Built-In Programmable Resistivity Monitoring System
• Available in Low and Zero Discharge Configurations
• Unlimited Program Recipes
• Graphic User Touchscreen Interface
• Automatic Chemical Dosing and Mixing System
• Optional Real-Time Chemical Concentration Monitoring
• High-Power Forced Hot-Air Convection + Radiant Drying System
• Built-In Programmable Maintenance Reminders

Key Benefits

• Low operational cost
• Small footprint