SM902 Manual Pick and Place Systems

A semi-automatic placement system suitable for prototypes & small batches. Placement for the next components is displayed on a monitor, easily guiding the user through the placement process. Ideal for entry level production of printed circuit board assembly. 

  • Dispensers
  • X/Y/X locking
  • Software
  • Camera fixture
  • Head lighting
  • Feeder

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Placement rate: 400-700 SMDs per hour

Dimensions: 700 x 680 x 340 mm

Max. PCB size: 550 x 310 mm

Max. placement area: 425 x 310 mm

PCB thickness: 0,5 mm bis ~ 4 mm

Components: chip 0201 up to size 70 x 70 mm

Key Features & Benefits

  • Entry-level and affordable manual assembly solution 
  • Starting from chip-size 0201 
  • Comfortable and fatigue-free work
  • Affordable 
  • Vision system
  • Flexible component feeder