LM901 Manual Pick and Place System

The LM901 is a fatigue free,  cost-efficient manual assembly system ideal prototyping and small-series production.  The LM901 efficiently applies solder paste or adhesive seamlessly to assembling chip, fine-pitch and special components in a quick, fatigue free process.

SMDs LM901 handles are:

  • Mini and Micro Melfs
  • SO
  • PLCC
  • Fine Pitch Devices 
  • Chips

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placement rate: 300-600 SMDs per hour

Dimensions: 700 x 680 x 340 mm

Max. Board size: 550 x 310 mm

max. PCB size: 550 x 310 mm

max. placement area: 425 x 310 mm

Key Features & Benefits

  • Entry-level and affordable manual assembly solution 
  • Comfortable and fatigue-free work
  • Affordable