Essemtec Dispensing Machine Tarantula

The relentless Essemtec Tarantula jet dispenser is best suited to a wide range of dispensing applications such as solder paste and SMT Glue, LED encapsulation, silver epoxy, dam and fill, underfill, cavity fill, 3D dispensing via laser height mapping and more.


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Tarantula Printer




Maximum dispensing speed

Piezo Jet Valve: 145‘000 dots/h



Pneumatic Jet Valve: 77‘000 Dots/h



Time/Pressure Valve: 26‘000 Dots/h



Archimedean Screw Valve: 22‘000 Dots/h


Dispensing mode

Dot, line, curve, interpolated 3D contour


Placement XY dots

±40 μm (3σ)


Positioning Z axis

±20 μm (3σ)


PCB dimensions

560 x 610 mm (22 x 24“)


Machine footprint

1’557 x 1’357 mm (61 x 53“)

The Essemtec Tarantula has been specifically designed for high, complex dispensing applications and offers three processes at the same time.


  • Electronic packaging
  • Medical - such as hearing aids, implantable pacemakers, and defibrillators
  • LED market

Key Features

  • Plug and play for valve change
  • Piezo Jet Valve - super high speed for low viscosity
  • Full operator support
  • Automated error analysis & KPI training