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Essemtec Dispensing Machine Spider

The Essemtec Spider is an extremely fast and compact jet and general dispenser with a capacity of generating up to 150,000 dots per hour and accommodates boards up to 406x305mm. 


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Essemtec Spider Dispenser


Spider Printer




Optimal dosing speed

Piezo Jet valve: 150'000 points / h


Pneumatic jet valve: 80,000 points / h


Time / pressure valve: 28'000 points / h


Archimedes screw valve: 24'000 points / h



Point, line, curve, interpolated 3D contour


Placement XY points

40 μm (3σ)


Positioning Z axis

20 μm (3σ)


LP size

50 x 50 mm up to 406 x 305 mm


Machine footprint

880 x 1090 mm (34.7 x 43 ")


With advanced laser height mapping, the Essemtec Spider offers compensation for substrate warp/3D applications. Its compact footprint requires only 1 m² of production floor space. Not only can it work quickly but it is accurate, placing dots within 50 µm @ 3σ at full speed, resulting in improved throughput.


  • Electronic packaging
  • Medical - such as hearing aids, implantable pacemakers, and defibrillators
  • LED market

Key Features & Benefits 

  • High speed dispenser
  • Compact design. Requires only 1 m² of production floor space
  • With three jet speed options (basic, standard and high speed), the Spider is optimised for short, ultra-fast moves