PVA Delta 8 Conformal Coating/Dispensing Machine

The largest machine in the range, the PVA Delta 8 is a robotic selective conformal coating/ dispensing system providing maximum work area flexibility to perform a wide variety of applications.

Ideal for selective coating, potting, bead, and meter-mix dispensing applications, the Delta 8 has been engineered for maximum flexibility and can be configured for custom assembly applications.

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Delta 8


Work Area

1 Valve / Tool:

621 mm x 595 mm x 101 mm

(21.14" x 19.09" x 4.0")

XYZ Repeatability

25 microns (0.001")

Maximum Acceleration



120V, 220V, 50-60 Hz

Air Supply

80 psi dry, unlubricated air

Gantry System Design

Closed loop brushless DC servo motors with

optical encoders and ball screw slides on all axes


5 microns (0.0002")


973 mm x 1270.0 mm x 2350.9 mm

(38.31" x 50.0" x 92.56")

Programming Software

PathMaster® software with offline image

import and programming capability

XYZ Specifications

Precision ball screw slides

Gantry System: Brushless DC servo motors

XYZ Repeatability:   ±25 microns (±0.001")  

Maximum Speed (XYZ): 670 mm/sec (27.6"/sec)

Maximum Acceleration: 0.5g

Resolution: 5 microns (0.0002")

Payload Capacity:   11.36 kg (25 lbs.)

Board Handling

Conveyor Type: Flat belt or chain

Minimum Conveyor Width: 50 mm (1.97")

Maximum Conveyor Width: 500 mm (19.685")

Board Clearance Topside: 100mm (3.94")

Board Clearance Underside: 100mm (3.94")

Edge Clearance:   4.7 mm (0.185")

Transport Height:   940 mm – 965 mm (37" – 38")

Communication Protocol: SMEMA

Conveyor Options:   Lift and locate, through hole pin, under board support

Conveyor Speed:   Up to 24.4m/min (80 ft/min)

Process Flow:   Programmable right to left or left to right, bidirectional

Weight Limit:   5 pounds (belt), 15 pounds (chain)

Fluid Applicators: Examples of Valves in Listed Category

Spray Valves:     FCS300-ES, FCS300-R/-F, FC100-CF

Dispense Valves:     FC100-MC, FCM100, FC300

Jetting Valve:     JDX

Auger Valve:     SV200, SVX

Progressive Cavity Valve:   VPX-450

Material Feed Options

Syringe (1-55cc)

Cartridge feed (6 – 20 oz.)

Pressure vessel

Drums, totes


Maintaining the preferred features of previous workcells, the Delta 8 features a robust, overhead, three-axis motion platform suitable for inline or batch operations. Improved structural and gantry rigidity have been added for extra robustness and easier access.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Robotic system repeatability of 25 microns
  • Patented servo-controlled optional four-axis motion featuring valve tilt and rotate
  • Closed loop process control throughout gantry system
  • Multiple dispensing applications or materials in one cell
  • Onboard PC for unlimited program storage
  • Exclusive PathMaster® programming environment