Yamaha YSi-SP 3D Solder Paste Inspection Machine

The YSi-SP is Yamaha's first solder paste inspection (SPI) machine. It is used to inspect the printing quality (volume, height, area, misalignment) of solder paste after it has been printed onto PCBs.

The YSi-SP handles various high-speed and high-accuracy solder paste inspections with a single head, including high-precision inspections employing a Yamaha-exclusive algorithm combining 2D and 3D-based measurements, and image resolution switch-over utilizing super-high resolution technology.



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Applicable PCB

L510×W460mm~L50×W50mm (single lane spec)

*No dual lane specification available.

Horizontal resolution (FOV size)

1)25µm / 12.5µm (approx. 50×50mm)

2)20µm / 10µm (approx. 40×40mm)

3)15µm / 7.5µm (approx. 30×30mm)

*All are standard selection type.

Height resolution


Inspection items

Solder paste printing quality (volume, height, area and misalignment)

Power supply

Single-phase AC 200V–230V ±10%

Air supply source

Airless specification

External dimension

L904×W1,080×H1,478 mm


550 KG


The YSi-SP can swiftly coordinate with other Yamaha machines, such as performing automatic setup changes, automatically adjusting solder misalignment, and automatically converting adhesive inspection data from the dispenser.

While offering Statistical Process Control (SPC) to perform a wide range of statistical processing, the YSi-SP can also be equipped with various optional features, including bonding inspection and foreign matter inspection.


  • Checking of solder paste

Key Features

  • “1-head solution” to perform various inspections with a single head
  • Achieves high-accuracy high-speed inspections using 3D+2D inspection, image resolution switch-over and more

Key Benefits

  • SPI gives manufacturers the opportunity to identify solder joint defects at an early stage and solve the issue instantly.