Dek VectorGuard Stencils

DEK VectorGuard™ Stencil Frame System – The Most Advanced Stencil Foil Technology Available on the Market Today

VectorGuard is a single frame stencil system developed for high yield printing processes. It employs a single frame that enables many different foils to be loaded and interchanged into the frame. VectorGuard provides greater positional accuracy and consistency placing the right amount of solder in the exact location first time every time, reducing defects that normally can occur in the printing process.

Available in classic and high tension version. Speak with a Hawker Richardson representative to find which one is suitable for your manufacturing process.


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DEK VectorGuard Classic benefits:

  • Space-efficient foil storage; 75% space savings vs. conventional framed stencils.
  • Fast changeover in seconds.
  • A single frame accommodates multiple foils.
  • Broad compatibility with all current printer brands.
  • DEK VectorGuard™ Classic frame:
  • Well-suited for standard SMT processes that don’t include ultra-fine-pitch, highly minaturised dimensions.
  • Cost-effective, versatile.

DEK VectorGuard™ High Tension frame:

  • 45% – 65% greater tension than traditional mesh-mounted frames and more tension than DEK VectorGuard™ Classic frames.
  • Designed for printing ultra-fine-pitch, mintaturised dimensions.
  • Provides extreme solder paste definition with superior transfer efficiency.