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Automation Devices Inc Vibratory Feeders offer a cost-effective alternative to manual labor, saving manufacturer’s time and labor costs.

Automation Devices Inc Vibratory Feeding Systems aids productivity

Hawker Richardson is the distributor for Automation Devices Inc Vibratory Bowl Feeders in Australasia. Vibratory Bowl Feeders are the most common devices used to feed individual components ie : parts in Industrial Assembly Automation Applications. Vibratory feeders are self-contained systems, comprising a specially tooled bowl feeder that orients the parts, a vibrating drive unit, upon which the bowl feeder is mounted, and a variable-amplitude control box. The bowl feeder, including an out feed accumulation track to convey parts along and discharge into the assembly machine comes in many shapes and sizes.

ADI Bowl


Cast Aluminum Bowls Dimensional Drawings for 10-11"Bowls (PDF)

 CB273            CB274                 CB275              CB276

 CB340            CB341                 CB353              CB404


The drive unit, available in both electromagnetic and pneumatic drives, vibrates the bowl feeder, forcing the parts to move up a circular, inclined track. The track length, width, and depth are carefully chosen to suit the application and component shape and size. Special track coatings are applied according to shape size and material of the component which aids traction, damage to the product and lower acoustic levels. A variable speed control box is used for controlling the vibration of the bowl feeder and stops the flow of parts to the out feed track via sensors. Vibratory feeders are utilized by a large range of industries - pharmaceutical, automotive, electronic, food, Fast Moving Consumable Goods (FMCG), packaging, metal working industries, glass, foundry, steel, construction, recycling, pulp and paper, and plastics. Vibratory feeders offer a cost-effective alternative to manual labor, saving manufacturer’s time and labor costs. Several factors must be considered when selecting a parts feeder, including the industry, application, material properties and product volume.

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