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Stelron Indexing Tables : The ultimate in Reliability

Stelron Rotary Indexing Tables: Each unit is specifically sized for your application to endure a service life in excess of 100,000 hours. That’s over 50 years single shift operation 5 days per week

Hawker Richardson has sold Stelron Indexers in Australia for 20 years. Incredibly in that time we have not had an indexer back for service.

The STELRON RD Series Dial Indexer Drive uses the time proven barrel cam as the heart of the drive. Reliable cam indexing technology provides higher speeds than pneumatic and electronic indexing. Cam operated devices require much less maintenance than pneumatic drives, at a fraction of the cost incurred by electronic indexing.

The RD indexer design incorporates the highest degree of application versatility available. One of the standard features include a large through hole for pneumatic, vacuum, and electric lines. The housing is low profile, machined on all mounting surfaces, and provides universal mounting on any of the five sides. The indexing cam is made of the finest quality air hardened tool steel. This tool steel provides deep uniform hardness in a high strength wear resisting matrix. The cams are also CNC profile ground for high accuracy and excellent surface finish. This ground tool steel cam provides remarkable service life for the Stelron RD indexer.

The dial support is a crossed axis roller bearing. This one bearing provides maximum resistance to thrust, radial and moment loading. The rollers are installed in a cross arrangement thereby providing exceptional rigidity to all types of loading. In contrast to " gothic arch " type ball bearings which only provide contact at four points in the ball race, this cross roller bearing provides roller contact over the entire length of the raceway. This bearing does not use a conventional cage to retain the rollers. The rollers are held in the correct location by spacer type retainers. This prevents skewing and friction between adjacent rollers thereby providing smooth, stable, and vibration - free indexing connections.

Some of the RD Series Standard Features include

  • Large tool steel cam air hardened and CNC profile ground.
  • Low profile housing - machined on all mounting surfaces.
  • Universal mounting on any of the five sides.
  • Large through hole for pneumatic, vacuum, and electric lines.
  • Many standard sequences using modified sine.
  • Oversize turntable roller bearing for dial support and greater resistance to thrust, radial, and moment loading.
  • Oversize hardened and ground pre-loaded cam.
  • Wide variety of pure modified sine sequences (including some two and three stop sequences).
  • Large viewing window in housing.
  • Adjustable input slip clutch offers simplicity and low cost with no loss in accuracy.

Introducing the STELRON SD Dial Indexer

The Servo Driven Dial Indexer is a combination of the time proven RD series indexers with a constant lead cam and a servo ready, right angle gear reducer. The cams are hardened and precision ground for optimum performance and rugged durability. All of the bearings are oversized for maximum stability and extended life. Use the servo motor and drive of your choice. We'll supply the mounting flange and coupling to suit your needs. The STELRON SD Dial Indexer provides Flexibility, Durability and Precision for demanding servo indexer applications.

  • Features & Benefits Modes of Operation
  • Infinite number of stops Point to point move
  • Flexible index / dwell times Absolute position move
  • Flexible ACCEL/DECEL times Incremental index move
  • User / field re-configurable Critical path move
  • User specified servo components Electronic gearing
  • Hardened & ground constant lead cam C.V. matching
  • Bi-directional output under servo control

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