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Designed to withstand the demanding requirements of today’s modern, high repetition assembly lines.

Cleco’s ability to overcome even the most complicated application requirements, has made Cleco the world’s #1 choice for assembly tool technology. Cleco provides the total solution for critical fastening operations.

Any number of companies can offer you power hand tools. Only Cooper Power Tools can offer you the innovative concept of Tightening Management. It is an idea born of necessity, because Cooper Power Tools’ fastening technology is used principally in the assembly of some of the most demanding products in the world – the automobiles and aircraft in which we all entrust our lives. In demanding manufacturing environments such as automotive and aircraft assembly, “good enough” will never be acceptable. As a result, the Cooper concept of Tightening Management has been forged on a foundation of dedication to technical concepts, creative thinking, diligent scientific inquiry, and the continuous pursuit of perfection. Nothing is left to chance. Nothing is forgotten. Because of our drive for perfection, you can excel in your job. Indeed, due to our uncommon focus on total fastening solutions instead of just products, our customers look upon us not merely as vendors, but as strategic allies. And at Cooper Power Tools, we welcome the challenge of leadership this imposes.

Cooper Power Tools’ state of the art Cleco Tightening Manager System delivers unprecedented performance, productivity and accountability in the most critical assembly applications. The system is comprised of the industry’s most comprehensive line of DC electric assembly tools, driven by the remarkable Cleco Tightening Manager Controllers, which are available in a number of different configurations. The system also encompasses our proprietary network communications software – Tightening Manager Communications (TM-COM) – a host of innovative accessories, and Cooper Power Tools’ highly acclaimed service and support. Significantly, the Cleco Tightening Manager System is designed for flexibility and with a common platform:

One controller will run any Cleco tool from 2 to 4000 Nm. No other manufacturer in the industry offers one controller that does everything.

One cable connects to any Cleco tool. This reduces the need for technical knowledge of your on-site service, maintenance and support professionals, because they do not have to keep up with a multitude of different cables and other accessories. Their effectiveness increases because of commonality of mechanical components and identical trouble-shooting.

One user interface drives every Cleco Tightening Manager Controller. Each controller, regardless of its configuration, uses the same user interface, which means operators have to be trained only once in how to set up or trouble shoot a system.

One controller can control a multitude of operations. This modularity allows you to move a Cleco Tightening Manager Controller from one assembly line to another even with completely different Cleco tools, without the need to purchase special cables or adapters. When considering the cumulative impact of all these components – the tools, the controllers, the software, the flexibility, the accessories and the support – it becomes easy to see why the Cleco Tightening Manager System is the benchmark for all DC electric tool systems.

Cleco - Powerful Tightening Control On A Single Platform

Cleco - Durable Production Performance