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Intelligent Nutrunners for Critical applications

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of threaded fasteners, used in critical characteristic or safety critical applications, then you need intelligent tools.Simply shutting off a tool when it reaches a torque only means that something has stopped the fastener from running further and allowed the tool to apply enough force to actuate the clutch!

What if the cause of that fastener stopping was a damaged thread , a crossed thread. What if the bolt begins to yield and neck in its plastic region? None of this will become apparent until your product is in the field and the fastener fails or comes undone. Warranty claims, damage, injury or death could be the result.

To prevent things like this happening you need to use sophisticated transducer equipped tools, with on-board resolvers that monitor rotation and torque thousands of times a second. Powered by computer controlled DC motors that are able to be run at high speeds and yet stopped quickly and accurately at the target torque or if there is something wrong with the joint; alerting the plant control system and operator that the job is either finished or faulty.

These are just a few of the many reasons why industry uses intelligent tools for fasteners on earth straps, airbags & seat belt anchorages, steering columns and suspension components; and why you should be using them for your process.

In addition to the capabilities of these tools, you will receive the added benefit of years of experience and knowledge that comes with all the products supplied by Hawker Richardson.