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Hawker Richardson are the Sole Australian importer of Orbitform Orbital Riveters. Make use of our Applications Lab for product development

Orbital forming

Orbitform Orbital Forming, Fastening and Assembly machines are precision built “heavy” to withstand the rigors of high production manufacturing industries.

Orbital riveting and Forming Equipment.


Orbitform is the world leader in manufacturing Orbital Riveters, an efficient and precise forming method where contact tooling is mounted at an angle on a rotating spindle.


Less force= Less energy= Less floorspace= Less cost

  • 80% less force used than staking or pressing methods
  • Safest and quietest riveting process in the world
  • Integrated load cells and linear transducers are optional for quality assurance
  • Precision for critical and pivoting joints
  • Available as power heads only for integration into special purpose built machines, through to stand alone work cells complete with tooling guarding and controls

Applications Experts

Orbitforms Applications Lab offers:

  • Expert product development team will develop your process for pre-production samples and prototypes.
  • Tool Design and Development
  • Short production runs

Rollerform Equipment

Multiple rollers mounted on a rotating spindle to smooth and fold material into a seamless form.

  • 40% less force than conventional crimping and sealing
  • Articulating Roller head for hard to reach and groove applications
  • Compatible with orbitform power heads

Spiralform Equiment

Similar to orbital forming, although the forming tool follows a “spiro graph” path verses rotary motion.

  • Ideal for rivet diameters less than 3 mm and long shank rivets
  • Compatible with Orbitform power heads

Impact Riveting Equipment from ADTECH

Fastest riveting process in the world. Auto-feed and sets rivets in less than a second.

  • Solid, Semi tubular, staking , self piercing, nailing, clinching, contact setting, stud insertion, fastening
  • Industries broadest range of machine types and sizes from micro scale to 11 mm solid diameter
  • Oiptional integrated load cell and linear transducer for quality assurance.

Hot Air Cold Staking

THERNUFORM is a unique fastening system for use in plastic assembly operations. It is a cost-effective alternative for production assembly that relies on molded posts or tabs instead of traditional rivets, screws or clips. The process induces no stress cracking, no sticking, stringing or part damage. Typically a controlled flow of hot air is blown across a stud or boss to be formed. A cold tool then upsets the boss under low pressure to (form and set) the desired head shape. The boss is remolded and the resulting joint is tight and rattle free.

Stake points as close as 30mm (1.12") are possible with standard guns. In addition, we offer "close center forming" heads for use in tight applications. Our process can be engineered as a stand alone work cell or integrated as a self-contained station within a larger system.

Hot air guns are modular, simple to adjust, and easily changed to meet production variations. Any number of posts on multiple levels or planes can be upset simultaneously. All heads include quick release heaters, burn-out detection, and all actuators are lubed for life. Most thermoplastics, with or without fillers, can be formed consistently with high quality results.

Spare Parts and service.

Hawker Richardson carries a vast range of spare parts, we have factory trained service technicians available to service any make or model. Orbitform also manufactures tooling for our competitors equipment, any make and model.

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