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Introducing Kolver Intelligent Electric Screwdrivers


DC electric tools with programmable controllers and torque/angle display are finally affordable:

Kolver DC assembly tools are priced to compete with pneumatic tools but with advanced DC technology, Kolver tools are fully programmable for up to 8 separate torque/ error proofing strategies, large screen displays the torque achieved with each rundown. Programmable high/low torque parameters with OK/NOK signals will ensure all of your fasteners are torqued precisely every time. USB and Serial ports enable rundown data retrieval for quality audits. Available in Straight, Pistol, Angle head or Fixtured for Automated applications. Torques up to 50 Nm.

Pluto Series

PLUTO D                                                                         PLUTO P

PLUTO Dsmall      PLUTO Psmall  

Pluto D Drawing                                                                      Pluto P Drawing                                           

 PLUTO PU                                                                  EDU2AE

                  Kolver EDU2AEsmallPLUTO PUsmall

                    Pluto PU                                                                           EDU2AE Manual


 Kolver EDU2AE TOP Esmall   View Kolver Catalogue

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