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DC electric tooling boosts productivity and quality

Stanley DC Electric Torque Tools are high speed, high accuracy, low weight versatile tools for integration into control systems or stand alone applications for critical characteristic and safety critical threaded fastener applications.
With torque capacity ranging from 0.5 to 2000 Nm, Stanley's threaded fastening solutions come in multiple geometries and fit the most critical assembly requirements. Real-time monitoring, analysis, diagnostics, and configurations are available plant-wide, with networkable controls.

Stanley DC Electric Torque tools are equipped with precision transducers and resolvers to accurately monitor and control every aspect of threaded fastener rundowns. When integrating Stanley DC Electric Torque tools many options are available including ProfiBus, DeviceNet, Discreet I/O, Ethernet.

Flexible architecture simplifies service and reduces inventory

QPM DC Electric Torque tool modularity allows customized solutions that fit your process, with all the benefits of standardization. Set up QPM to add value to Engineering, Quality Control, Production, and Maintenance. And draw on a smaller inventory of interchangeable parts to maintain a production line of any size or complexity.

Easy and seamless integration into any level of plant control

QPM DC Electric Torque tool systems use a few standard modules to flexibly scale from stand-alone systems to a plant-wide network of tools. Available interface options tightly integrate with plant control and information systems. Common electronics and software modules offer high customization and adaptability. QPM software converts complex process data into useful information tailored to Quality, Production, Maintenance, and Engineering functions.

Take complete control of the assembly process

One DC Electric Torque tool controller can store as many as 99 jobs & tasks with as many as 12 steps per task. Stanley DC Electric Torque tool controllers are common across the whole range so a single controller can drive tools from 0.5Nm to over 2,000Nm.

With tightening torque capacity ranges from 0.5 to 2200 Nm and above, Stanley Assembly Technologies has your solution. Tool geometries include straight, pistol, angle, hold-and-drive, crowfoot, and tubenut outputs matched to the tool. Push-to-Start tools are also available in pistol and straight geometries.