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Hawker Richardson uses Ober one of the leading manufactures of Air (Pneumatic) Motor to offer a cost-effective alternative to manual labor, saving manufacturer's time and labor costs

Hawker Richardson uses Ober's Air tools to aid productivity

OBER is a market leader for pneumatic motors. Our motors are known for their precision design and construction and are suitable for a wide range of applications. OBER motors are used in a wide variety of applications throughout industry and are chosen because of these outstanding features.


These pneumatic motors concentrate high power in a small, compact package. A motor with a diameter of 32 mm and a length of 70 mm delivers a power of more than 0.5 HP.


Pneumatic motors vary their speed to match variations in load and can even jam without causing any breakage or damage.


Pneumatic motors can deliver full power immediately at start up. The low inertia of the moving components under no-load conditions mean that pneumatic motors start and stop practically instantly.


The speed and torque delivered by a pneumatic motor is adjusted by simply regulating the air supply on a throttle valve. The motor can also be powered at low pressures so that the maximum speed is reached gradually. Versions operating at pressures below 1 bar are also available.


Pneumatic motors have a small number of components. This feature makes these motors long-lasting and easy to maintain.


Design features and operating at pressures higher than ambient pressure will ensure that a pneumatic motor continues to operate efficiently in very dusty or humid conditions. Special versions are also available for those applications where a high degree of insulation between the motor and the surrounding environment is required.


Under normal operating conditions a pneumatic motor does not produce sparks and will not overheat. This combined with the fact the motor is not connected directly to an electrical power source means that there is no risk of a short-circuit. There is therefore no risk of electrocution from the power supply system. With the right design features, pneumatic motors can be used to operate in flammable environments. The could be used, for example, where solvents and paints are mixed.


The rated operated pressure of pneumatic motors is 6 bar. Pneumatic motors are chosen taking into consideration three basic parameters: POWER, SPEED and TORQUE. The performance figures for each motor show the relationship between these parameters. Motors can be used at below their rated pressures but this will cause power output reductions. Using motors at above their rated pressure will have practically no.

Hawker Richardson and Ober's unique selling point...

Lies in the combination of advice, product/solution-finding and comprehensive service.

Hawker Richardson and Ober's support industry...

With processing and assembly solutions. Deployed on a large scale in industry at highly complex assembly stations or on efficient individual workstations, Ober's Air Motors utilise with very complex control systems, demonstrate stability, flexibility and great effectiveness. Our top priority is to be able to complete the Automation process rapidly and process-capably.

Through close collaboration with our customers, Hawker Richardson is able to offer Ober Pneumatic Motor for singular operation and the mounting of these Ober Air Motors into fully Automated Systems

The quality of our Hawker Richardson and Ober equipment and systems...

Hawker Richardson customers can expect more from every stage of the planning, design and manufacturing processes and from customer service. Every Air Motor is fully tested before delivery.













This offers a detailed overview of Ober's range of products and services, which includes hand-held Air Motor, We would be pleased to answer your queries automated processes and automation technology. Our qualified staff can advise and support you in all phases of automated process implementation.