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Fiam Industrial Air Motors; a reliable solution.

Fiam Industrial air motors are a reliable solution for every need due to a extensive range and exceptional performance.

fiam industrial air motors

Hawker Richardson is the sole Australian & New Zealand distributor for the Fiam Industrial tool range. The Fiam Industrial air motors have a vast range to choose from and the reliability, durability and performance makes these tools an exhalent solution. Choose from Reversible or non-reversible types with various speeds, torque ratings and mounting options with power from 100 to 800watt. Outputs can be smooth, threaded, collets, or keyed chucks. The 15M, 20M, 28M, MM, MN and MO models each have their place in the market, Industries such as food processing (Stainless steel motors, rated at IP67; water proof oils free…) Industrial maintenance, packaging, chemical and pharmaceutical, bottling, guarding machines and zootechnical are just a few of the many applications.

Fiam air motors Industrial air motors