RØDE Microphones is an Australian owned and operated audio company.  Having invested in many Yamaha pick and place machines with Hawker Richardson over the years, RØDE Microphones have been able to improve their turnaround times, waste reduction, as well as improve the quality of their PCBs.  Ryan Burke talks about their new Yamaha investment.

RØDE Microphones
Interview with Ryan Burke, Head of Sales.

1. Tell us about your business – who is RØDE Microphones?

RØDE Microphones is  a world-leading pro audio brand producing microphones, interfaces and other accessories for studio, live and location use. Our products are designed and primarily manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility right here in Sydney, Australia and we export to over 100 countries around the globe. RØDE is the flagship brand of Freedman Electronics, sitting alongside three other illustrious audio brands: APHEX, Event, and SoundField.

2. Who is your core clientele?

The RØDE mantra is The Choice of Today’s Creative Generation, and that perfectly encapsulates our clientele: filmmakers, musicians, sound designers, podcasters, broadcasters – every kind of content creator whose craft demands incredible quality audio. Our product range covers everything from affordable video microphones for up and coming creators to high-end studio microphones that are used by the world’s best engineers.

3. Why did you choose to invest in three lines with Hawker Richardson?

It has been a progressive investment that started 8 years ago with the implementation of a single Yamaha YS100 through Hawker Richardson. Its performance and continued reliability cemented it as an essential element in our production processes, and as our facilities have grown, we have added more lines to our production floor. Hawker Richardson’s service and support has always been first-class, and we wouldn’t consider going anyone else for our SMT machines.

4. Why did you choose to invest in x3 YSM20Rs?

Rapid increases in product demand and diversity over the last decade have pushed what is required from our PCB production. Parts are getting smaller and are BOMs get larger. 10 years ago, a typical board may have had 20 surface mounted parts, but boards are becoming increasingly complex, which makes it more challenging to produce good yield. With the introduction of the YSM20s, then the YSM20Rs, we have increased speed of production with greater accuracy, capability and reproducibility.

5. What solutions have the new YSM20Rs delivered?

With a number of improvements when compared to the YSM20, the YSM20Rs have delivered a number of solutions to our PCB production, including:

• Quicker turnaround time
• Waste reduction
• Improved process
• Improved quality
• Greater efficiency

6. Discuss how upgrading your equipment has opened new opportunities/markets?

We haven’t so much upgraded as added to our existing equipment. Although we may buy new equipment aimed at new product technologies, the product has always been built on the existing equipment first. The outcome is that when we shift these products to more efficient equipment, we take days off the build cycle, which considerably improves our speed to market.

7. What was the process like with installing the latest line? Did it go smoothly/was it efficient etc?

As we introduce machines to the line, there are always going to be some new features and issues that they haven’t dealt with. We expect these teething issues and what did crop up was resolved quickly, and the overall timeline wasn’t impacted significantly along the way.

8. What has been your experience with HR service and support?

One of the strengths of Hawker Richardson is in their knowledge of their brands and their problem-solving abilities. They have always come through when we have needed help.