GME Australia specialises in the design and manufacturing of radiocommunication devices and emergency beacons. Replacing their previous Samsung lines for the new Yamaha YSM20Rs, their new lines have increased the productivity substantially within the business. Listen to what CEO Warwick Clancy has to say about staff morale lifting after the acquisition of the equipment. 

GME Australia
Interview with Warwick Clancy, CEO.

1. Tell us about your business – who is GME?

We make a number of different products comprising of CB (Citizens band radio - a land mobile radio system) and professional radios as well as television signal distribution products both marine and land based.   

2. When was GME established?

GME is a privately owned organisation founded in 1959 by Ted Dunn.

3. Who is your core clientele?

State emergency, ambulance, police services, highway patrols, rural fire brigades and marines are our core clients.

4. Why did you choose to invest in x3 YSM20Rs?

We chose to invest in the YSM20Rs for a number of different reasons. The first reason was that we needed to buy some new equipment as our current equipment was aging. The second reason was that we needed to have equipment that could pick up smaller components and place them onto the printed circuit boards. Thirdly, we enjoyed a very long relationship with Hawker Richardson.

5. Were you experiencing any particular challenges in production?

The primary focus is  having equipment that is quite accurate. These days, the much finer pitch components that we use in our engineering design are quite small and having equipment that allows for this is critical to our business.

6. What were you utilising before the Yamahas?

Samsung - One of the major criterias for selecting a new line was not only because we had some older lines that weren’t delivering what we needed them too, but we also needed to focus on how we could reduce our costs as well as being able to ensure having quality products. 

7. What sort of quantities do you produce in PCB board production?

We produce around 250 – 300 thousand printed circuit boards each year.

8. What solutions have the new YSM20Rs delivered?

Our new SMT line has reduced our costs significantly due to the sheer speed and accuracy. These machines run twice as fast, bringing in improvement of up to  four times. We’ve been able to reduce our costs by more than 50% at the surface mount technology operational level.

The new line has lifted the morale of staff who in the past have been dealing with long set up times. It would initially take five hours of set up time per line. Now, its takes them less than 15 minutes.  The  equipment has improved the quality of our products substantially within the business.

9. Discuss how upgrading your equipment has opened new opportunities/markets?

The new YSMs have opened up a number of different opportunities for our organisation. First, we’re able to do our own work inhouse much faster and much more efficiently. Second, its allowed us to approach different markets where the products are a lot smaller than what they use to be. Third, it allows us to do some special third party manufacturing for different organisations as well at potentially looking into defence opportunities.

10. What was the process like with installing the equipment? Did it go smoothly/was it efficient etc.

The installation of the Yamaha YSM20Rs was very smooth. This particular installation was ahead of schedule by approximately two weeks and it was done in less than six weeks turnaround.

GME Australia SMT Line