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How much money can you save by switching to BTM’s sheet metal clinching?

A major truck trailer manufacturer recently saved ALOT. In fact, they enjoyed a 98% cost reduction in a portion of their assembly process.
How did they achieve such a remarkable success?

By switching from self-pierce rivets to a BTM clinching operation to assemble the trailer roof to the front & side walls.

Instead of spending roughly $50 per 1,000 rivets, they now only spend about $1 per 1,000 clinch joints. In other words, they save about 4.9 cents every time they make a BTM clinch joint vs. installing a rivet.

This works out to an annual savings of roughly $416,500 if we assume that they use 850 clinch joints per trailer, and manufacture 10,000 trailers annually. BTM for email small

As a bonus, they also benefit t from no longer having to receive, store, retrieve and feed rivets for this part of their production line.

This remarkable cost reduction was made possible through the use of a special machine that was custom designed and built by BTM Company. BTM Company are the experts at clinching. They’ve been doing it for decades in which they pioneered the technology.

Many customers see a savings when they switch to clinching. The amount of savings depends on many factors such as your current assembly method, your part, your production equipment, your production volume, and more.

In the case of this particular customer, their savings were SIGNIFICANT, and now they are talking about doubling their production.

We’d like you to benefit from switching as well, and we’d like to be your partner on that journey.

What happens when you partner with us?

Hawker Richardson’s specialised engineers and BTM engineers will conduct in-depth research, then provide you with samples and test results. If your product can be soundly and repeatedly clinched together, we will design and deliver a solution to help you succeed.

What if it doesn’t work out?

All it will cost you is a little bit of time and shipping costs. Our test-phase sample joining is free to you. If you are ready to move beyond riveting, welding and other joining methods to embrace a cost-effective and environmentally friendly BTM clinching method, then contact us.

Call Hawker Richardson today on 1300 36 00 31 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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