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Smart Assembly Tools: 60 Second Demo on the Socket Tray for the Kolver DC Screwdriver

Martin Gillespie from Hawker Richardson demonstrates how to utilise the socket tray with the Kolver DC Electric screwdriver, by using a range of bits (including flat blade and Phillips) and a range of torques.


Thermal Profiling Solutions for SMT Production

The thermal profiling solutions from SolderStar provide engineers with one of the most accurate tools for measuring their reflow ovens, vapour phase, wave or selective systems. Ensuring measurement accuracy of temperature, conveyor speed and wave height is essential to the performance of the board. 


Rode Microphones is utilising a Yamaha SMT Pick and Place Machine

Røde Microphones, LLC is a manufacturer of microphones, related accessories and audio software. Røde Microphones utilise several lines of SMT equipment for their electronics production, having invested in most of the equipment from Hawker Richardson over the years. 


Smart Assembly Tools: 60 Second Demo CellCore Cleco Angle Wrench

Martin demonstrates how reliable the Angle Wrench is by CellCore. These Smart Assembly Tools provide reliability and repeatability for most fastening tasks.


DRV Z1 3D Digital Inspection Solution with Zoom

The DRV-Z1 delivers a true 3D projected image without the use of a virtual reality headset, The DRV-Z1 is designed to provide remote viewing of 3D images in real-time. Engineers can be working in R&D in Europe and share a real-time 3D image with colleagues, customer's or suppliers anywhere in the world.


GPC Electronics Invest in a Line of Production Equipment for Their Business

GPC Electronics is one of the largest contract manufacturers in Australasia. Boasting a range of world leading customers such as Nortel, Toshiba, Alcatel, Ericsson, Siemens, GPC has manufacturing skills comparable to the largest contract manufacturers but with far greater flexibility.


Smart Assembly Tools: 60 Second Demo CellCore Cleco Assembly Tools

Martin demonstrates the error proofing capability of CellCore Cleco Assembly Tools, which now run off Milwaukee batteries. Milwaukee batteries are available from most tool stores and so readily available. Martin demonstrates the repeatability showing both the consistency of the torque and the angle.


GME Invest in SMT Equipment to Enhance Their Leading Manufacturing Capabilities

GME is an industry leader in the communication technology space and is proudly 100% Australian owned.  GME operates from our purpose built facility which houses their industry leading manufacturing and engineering capabilities, including the latest in SMT production equipment from Hawker Richardson.


Smart Assembly Tools: 60 Second Demo Kolver DC Electric Screwdriver

Martin demonstrates the Kolver DC electric screwdriver, with its error proofing capability. Martin utilises an electrical enclosure with a rubber gasket, first demonstrating the repeatability of the screwdriver with the gasket on, and then the error proofing capability with the gasket removed.


The LM901 Entry Level Manual Pick and Place

The LM901 is the entry model of our modular-built systems. Besides the LM900 functionality, it can be extended with axis brakes, dispensers and optical support systems for component placing. The LM901 supports the whole dispensing-/ Pick&Place - process, from supplying the solder paste or glue to placing standard, Fine-Pitch or BGA components. 


Smart Assembly Tools: The Apex Bit Test

This video demonstrates the Apex screwdriver bit maintains strength and durability time and time again, ensuring it doesn't cam-out, which it turn minimises the pressure assemblers have to apply. Alternative bits which can be used in manufacturing environments don't last very long before you can start to signs of wear. Therefore, the assembler has to apply constant pressure to prevent it camming out, and the constant pressure can become a health and safety issue.