Part of GCEM Group, Hawker Richardson is the leading supplier of industrial assembly and production machinery and tools in Australia and New Zealand. Established in 1923, Hawker Richardson originated as a machine assembler dealing in specialised metals.

When automotive and aviation manufacturing was booming in Australia, Hawker Richardson became the number one supplier of best-in-class industrial assembly tools and solutions. To this day, Hawker Richardson continues to be a force in this market, establishing partnerships with general manufacturing, aviation, automotive and electronics industry customers, who have come to rely on Hawker Richardson for their wealth of product knowledge, industry experience and unsurpassed service support. 

In 1995, Hawker Richardson burst into the electronics manufacturing market and were one of the first Australian companies to offer new robotic technologies, automation solutions and surface mount technology equipment. The introduction of these technologies enabled Australian and New Zealand businesses to expand and transform, putting them on the map and on the same page as their international counterparts and competitors. 

It was during this time that Hawker Richardson established long-term partnerships with world class SMT, robotics and inspection brands including Yamaha, Essemtec, GE and Vision Engineering, who they continue to partner with to this day. 

Today, 95 years strong, Hawker Richardson continues to grow and evolve, thanks to the support of their long-term Customers, Product Partners and experienced and passionate Team. Head office is located in Melbourne, Victoria, which features an extensive warehouse space and impressive showroom where customers can visit to try-out and experience first hand the many benefits of the equipment range. Additional offices are located in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Hawker Richardson’s product range continues to rapidly expand and caters to a wide variety of industries including Electronics, Manufacturing, Defence, Medical, Automotive, Dental, Universities, Science and Research and many more.

Working closely with clients of all sizes and budgets, Hawker Richardson offers customised product solutions that not only satisfy the customers requirements in the short-term, but equips them with the tools to reach their long-term business goals. 

Whether you're looking for a one-off industrial assembly tool or seeking an entire production solution, contact us today to discover more. 


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